Rules & Regulations

Age Divisions

Mini: 5 years old and under  *All routines in the mini age division will compete at the star level.
6-8 years old
Junior: 9-11 years old
Teen: 12-14 years old
Senior: 15-19 years old
Adult: 20 years old and up

The age division for all routines is determined by the average age of the performers as of January 1st, 2024. The average age determines the age range into which you may enter. For dances with two or more dancers, add the ages of all the contestants, and then divide by the number of contestants. Drop the decimal point when averaging the ages, i.e., an age average of 12.5 would compete in the 12 year old division.

Duet/Trios or Groups will compete no more than two age divisions younger than the oldest dancer, regardless of average age. For example: if a group includes a dancer age 17 (senior division) and the average age is 9 (petite division), the group will compete one level above petite, at the junior division.

Any child 2 years younger than the average age must perform a meaningful and significant amount of the choreography.

Any dancer taking the stage before/during/at the end of a routine must be a registered dancer to the routine, regardless of the amount of time the dancer is present on stage.

Adult Age Division: Any routine with a dancer age 20 or older will compete in our adult division. Adult routines are not eligible for overalls awards. If enough routines are entered into the adult division, overall awards may be presented at that event.

Note: Contestants may be required to present proof of age in the form of a birth certificate if an issue regarding age occurs. Such discrepancies must be presented to the director of Energy National Dance Competition within a half hour of the performance of the entry in question.

Age divisions dance image

Entry Divisions

Small Group
Large Group
Extended Time
# of dancers
19 or more
19 or more
All routines
+$25 for every 30 seconds
Time Limits
2:45 minutes
3:00 minutes
3:00 minutes
4:00 minutes
5:00 minutes
8:00 minutes
2:00 additional minutes

*May incur a 3 point deduction for exceeding the time limit if not pre-arranged and paid for.


Entry fees can be located by logging in to your DanceBug account via our website. This information will be shared with studio owners/faculty only and is not publicly posted anywhere. All fees must be paid by studio checks, credit cards, or cashiers checks. Entry fees are due on the registration deadline posted on event page.  All payments within one month of the event must be paid by credit card or cashiers check only. Any payments or entries added after registration deadline will be priced at the regular pricing tier. All fees are non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS. There is a $35.00 fee for returned checks. Entries are not secured until a deposit or payment in full has been made. In the event that one of our events are “Sold Out,” you will be required to make a deposit to hold your spot if you have not yet paid in full.

Independent Entries
EnerGy National Dance Competitions does not accept independent entries. Dancers are allowed to come compete without their full studio present but they must be registered for our event under their studio name by the studio director. All event communication will be sent directly to the studio director via their DanceBug account.

Title Fees
To be entered into the Title Competition, you must be competing at the EnerGy Level. Title entries can be added during registration or at the event. Title entries at the event will be charged at $40.

Early Bird/Special Discounts
Ask about the different discounts we offer! To be eligible for discounts you must have entries and fees in by the designated due date. If you do not have all entries and fees paid by date given, no discount will be given. For all “Special Discounts”, a minimum of $2,000 in entry fees before discount must be met. If entry fees do not reach $2,000 before “Special Discount”, you will not be eligible for said discount. Discount offers cannot be combined with other discounts or scholarships. Please email or call us to hear about what discounts we offer!

Changes and Late Entry Fees
Mailed in payments must be postmarked by registration deadline to secure early pricing. Any changes made to existing entries within 14 days of event date will be subject to a $5 change fee per change. Changes made on competition day will be subject to a $10 change fee per change. Please check over your schedules very closely prior to the event and notify the office immediately of any changes. No additional entries will be accepted at the event.

Deposits and entry fees are non refundable. In the event of a cancelled competition due to a health pandemic or other unforeseen circumstance all entry fees will be refunded. We will not refund fees if the event is taking place.

We do not offer refunds in the case of an injury/dropped dancer. If a doctor’s note is provided for the injured dancer no later than one week following the event we will issue a studio credit (in the amount originally paid) to be used at a future EnerGy competition or convention.


Our competitive levels are designed to give dancers an opportunity to compete against other dancers that are at their same level. This allows dancers to build confidence and self-esteem. During the registration process studios will assign a competitive level to each individual dancer. The competitive level for all routines will be determined automatically by our registration system once individual dancer levels are determined.

Star Division: This division is for a dancer who takes a maximum of 3 hours of dance per week. It is designed to let the novice dancers get the feel for competition, stage performances, judges, audiences, etc., and will be adjudicated, as well as receive additional high score awards within their division. It is NOT mandatory that beginner students enter at this level.

Power Division: Dancers that study between 4-5 hours of class per week should consider the Power Division. This division will be adjudicated as well as receive additional high score awards within their division.

Energy Division: Dancers who take more than 6 or more hours of class per week should be considered for this division. The Energy Division is open to all performers and will be adjudicated, as well as receive additional high score awards within their division. Energy division is eligible for cash awards.

Dynamic Division: This level is designed for dancers with special needs who want to showcase their love for dance in a welcoming and nurturing environment. The dynamic division will have the same adjudication breakdown as the star division. The dynamic division will have it’s own overall category and will still be eligible for special awards as well as judge’s awards. Studio owners may make notes when registering for any suitable accommodations that will help cultivate confidence during their performance. Accommodations may include level of music, brightness of lights, performance time, etc. Please send an email to with any questions on accommodations we are able to make and we will be happy to try and make it work!

Solos– Dancers will compete in the level they are registered.

Duet/trios and all groups– If 40% of the dancers in a group are from a higher competitive level than the rest of the group, the group will be placed in the higher level. For example, a small group of 9 dancers where 4 of them are energy, 3 of them are power and two are star will be placed in the energy level.

Energy level dancers are not able to compete in routines in the star level. If an energy level dancer is registered in a routine with star division dancers it will automatically default to the power division with the possibility of being in the energy division depending on the full mix of dancers within the group.

Upgraded Routines: It is not uncommon for our judges to upgrade a dance they feel is under-placed to the appropriate level.  To be upgraded, all judges must agree. The show director will make every effort to let the studio director know if their routine is being upgraded before the award ceremony. If the higher division has already competed and received overalls, the upgraded routine will be for adjudication only. All decisions are final.


All acts must be dominant to the category.

To protect the integrity and to ensure a quality event, no acrobatic tricks are allowed in the Ballet or Pointe category. 

An acro/gymnastic trick refers to a sequence of movements that transition through or come to a complete halt in a fully inverted (upside down) position, with both feet elevated off the floor.

Routine must consist of ballet technique. Must include classical steps and movements. No pointe shoes allowed.

Routine must consist of pointe technique.

Routine must contain tap technique and primarily tap work. No pre-recorded tap sounds allowed on music.

A routine incorporating clogging technique.

Routine must consist of primarily jazz technique.

Routine combining the techniques of Jazz, Ballet, and Modern, utilizing the lyrics or mood of the song.

A routine consisting of modern contemporary movement.

Routine should utilize contemporary style to show extension and balance, can combine lyrical, ballet, and modern, going beyond the standard jazz vocabulary.

Hip Hop
Routine consisting primarily of Hip Hop Technique. Break dancing, street funk, and pop & lock are also included in this category. The music must not contain inappropriate lyrics.

Character/Musical Theater
Broadway/Theater dance styles using songs from “Broadway”, “Off Broadway”, or movie/television musicals. (Pantomime may/may not be used)

Acro Dance
A routine using controlled moves such as walkovers, limbers, handstands, chest rolls, etc. Can contain gymnastic passes. Can contain flexibility moves or contortionist moves. Must contain dance moves, steps, and choreography.

Pom/Drill Team
A routine consisting of cheerleading or dance team technique. Sharp clean movements including kicks, jumps, and formation changes with the use of poms.

A style of dance in the religious theme, which may incorporate any of the above styles of dance.

A routine that uses any ethnic style of dance (African, Hawaiian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Indian, Flamenco, and Tahitian) and is specific to the region.

Any of our listed categories, combinations of listed category styles, or any style of dance not previously listed.

A routine consisting of mostly a vocal performance. Can contain some choreography. The use of (one) of EnerGy’s handheld microphones is permitted if agreed upon in advance. Vocal routines will have a seperate overall and will be judged in their respective levels in 11 and Under and 12 and Over age divisions. 

Event Information


Schedule and event specific information will be emailed to studio directors two weeks prior to the event. All information will be sent using the email associated with the studio’s Dance Bug account. Accounts must be paid in full to receive schedule/event information.

Schedule Requests- EnerGy does accept schedule requests made more than 30 days prior to the competition date. We will make an effort to accommodate but are not able to guarantee requests will be fulfilled. Please email your schedule request to


All music needs to be uploaded using the DanceBug music upload feature. All music needs to be uploaded by the Wednesday before the start of the competition. We do recommend all studios bring backup music on a USB.


  • General props are permitted. No dangerous props (swords, fire, etc.). No live animals.
  • All props must be marley safe.
  • The use of body paint, glitter, confetti, rosin, baby powder, or any other material that can leave a residue on the stage is prohibited. 
  • Prop set-up time should take less than 30 seconds for solos and duet/trios and up to 3 minutes total (90 seconds set up/take down) for groups. You may buy extra time for prop set up during registration. 
  • Any routines with a prop violation will incur a 3 point deduction. 1 point will be taken off the choreography category from each judge to equal 3 points. 
Event check in
Studio directors (or appointed representative) should check in at the merchandise table 30 minutes before the start of the event or 90 minutes before your first scheduled performance.
Backstage/Routine Check In

Routines must check in with the backstage manager 3-5 routines prior to their performance. We will not hold the stage for a routine that is rehearsing, delaying, or otherwise. Any routine that does not perform in schedule order without prior permission will be for adjudication only.

Doors will open to the venue 30 minutes prior to the first performance. As the day goes on, we have a tendency to run ahead of schedule. Dancers should arrive 90 minutes prior to their scheduled performance time. We will not delay the event if a dancer(s) is not present when their routine is called to perform.

Teachers and performers only are permitted backstage. Parents and dancers not performing within 5 routines should watch from the audience.

Onstage Info

All routines, music, choreography, and costumes must be suitable for family viewing and listening. Failure to comply with this rule may result in point deductions or entry disqualification.

A three-point deduction will be made for dancers that leave the stage without completing the performance. 1 point will be taken off the choreography category from each judge to equal 3 points. Dancers will have the option to re-perform the routine, but for adjudication only. If they choose to perform again, they will not be eligible for overalls.

If the music stops or another technical issue, routines will be allow to re-perform without penalty.


For the safety of the dancers and to protect the choreographers, photo/video of any kind is not allowed in the performance space during performances. Use of cameras during performances will result in point deductions, disqualification of routine, or disqualification of studio if the issue persists. Please alert your students and parents. 

Video cameras and flash photography are welcomed during award ceremonies and Improv Competition only. EnerGy National Dance Competition will have a videographer and photographer at each event providing videos and photos of performances for purchase. Participation in any EnerGy National Dance Competition indicates permission to use any photographs or video taken during the event in promotional items including, but not limited to, newspapers, brochures, ads, television, videos, newsletters, and the Internet.


EnerGy will recognize up to 15 of the highest scores in each age and performance category in all entry divisions. The number of entries recognized is based on how many entries are in each entry division.  A studio may not compete against itself in the same category with identical performers. A Solo performer may not compete against him or her self in a given category. If same soloist has more than one solo, only the highest scoring solo will be eligible for high score. A soloist can only place in the overalls once. In a Duet/Trio, at least one dancer must be different when competing in the same category. At the National Finals, dancers can be replaced, if necessary, as long as 50% or more of the original dancers are in the routine. Teachers are required to notify EnerGy of these replacements.

Cash awards will be awarded to the Studio. A cash award will be paid to the 1st place in all age divisions and entry categories at the Energy level.The amount of the cash award will be determined by the total number of entries in the competition. Please note that there must be a minimum of five routines in all categories to receive a cash prize. Studios receiving special promotions and/or coupons, cash awards may not apply. Double your amount of cash awards if you choose to use your cash award towards a 2025 enerGy event! Cash awards must be cashed within 60 days. We will not replace lost or stolen cash awards.

To run for title you must be competing a solo in the EnerGy (advanced) division. You may register for Title with your online registration or at the event. Onsite title registrations will be charged a $40 title fee. 

When going for Title, contestants will enter the stage before their solo with the emcee. Contestants will introduce themselves with name, age and how long they have been dancing. They will then tell a little bit about the piece they are about to perform. They should not mention choreographers. 

 Title contestants will be scored on their solo score as well as an additional Title score. The Title score will be out of 30 points. 10 points for their introduction, 10 points for entertainment quality and 10 points for overall presentation.  In the event that there are not 3 Title participants in a given age division, EnerGyNDC reserves the right to combine the Petite and Junior age levels and the Teen and Senior Age levels. Winners in each title division will receive a cash prize, plaque, EnerGy jacket and crown. Their picture may appear in the EnerGy National Championship program, posters, brochures, website, or related promotional literature. These dancers will also have an opportunity to perform in the National Grand Showcase opening number without paying the audition fee. Dancers who win title at our National Finals are not allowed to compete the same solo routine the following year.

Petite Title Winner ages 8 and under
Junior Title Winner ages 9-11
Teen Title Winner ages 12-14
Senior Title Winner ages 15-19
Awarded to outstanding studios in the form of a gift certificate to the National Finals. Please note that all scholarships given out for our National Finals are only valid with a minimum dollar amount to be met which will be stated on your award. National Scholarships can not be combined with any other discounts.

Contestants may submit a recent 5×7 or 8×10 photograph to be judged for the Photogenic Award in the 11 and under age division, and in the 12 and over age division. Please write name, age, and studio name on the back of the photo. Each dancer is allowed a maximum of three photos with a total entry fee of $25. All photos should be submitted at the Registration Table at the beginning of the competition. The winner’s photos will not be returned as we will be using them for our Nationals program.  Aside from being featured in our National Program, all of our regional photogenic winners will be in the running to be our National Photogenic Winner. The winner will be announced at our 2024 National Finals and he/she will be featured in our 2025 Regional Programs. The winner must be a registered dancer at one of our Finals to win. EnerGy National Dance Competitions is not responsible for lost photographs, or damages to any photograph submitted. You may enter the Photogenic contest on the day of the competition.

During each segment of competition judges will select routines at their discretion to receive additional recognition with judges awards in technique, choreography, and performance.

This award will be selected by our show director and event staff and will be presented to the studio that displays the most spirit, as well as overall good sportsmanship onstage and offstage during the competition weekend. Accompanying this award is a free 1 year affiliate membership to the ADCC (Association of Dance Competitions and Conventions).

These awards are selected from the Energy level groups and lines ages 12 & above with the highest overall score in the following categories:

Best Jazz Performance

Best Tap Performance

Best Hip-Hop Performance

Best Lyrical / Modern / Contemporary Performance

Best Novelty / Character / Musical Theatre Performance

Best Ballet / Open / Acro / Gymnastics Performance

All IDA Outstanding Performance winners will receive a custom social media graphic the week following their event. These weekly winners will be in the running to be nominated for the 2024 Industry Dance Awards. At the conclusion of the regional season EnerGy will select one routine for each category to be our official IDA nominee. The final IDA Outstanding Performance nominees will be announced in August 2024 on 

This award is presented to a small group, large group, or line/production from any age or competitive level that the judges decide best represents the entire competition with exceptional talent, choreography and showmanship. The winner will receive a custom social media graphic the week following their event. All Regional IDA People’s Choice Award winners will be featured on and will be in the running to be selected as a 2024 Top 5 Finalist. The weekly IDA People’s Choice Award winner will also be posted on the IDA website for final voting from September 2024 to October 2024.  The final IDA People’s Choice Award winner will be announced at the Industry Dance Awards, date TBA.

Any awards left at the venue will be brought back to the EnerGy warehouse. Awards can be shipped to you for $15. 


Each entry in the Dynamic, Star, Power, and Energy competitive divisions will be judged from a 100 point system from 3 judges, totaling 300 points. Technique is 40 points, Performance is 35 points, Musicality/Timing is 10 points, Choreography is 10 points and Overall Appearance is 5 points. Each entry will receive a ranking of Kinetic Platinum, Platinum, High Gold, and Gold, based on their score. The Adjudication breakdown is as follows:

Energy Division
Kinetic Platinum 300-291
Platinum 280-290.9
High Gold 279.9-270
Gold 269.9-0

Power Division
Platinum 300-275
High Gold 274.9-265
Gold 264.9-0

Star Division
Platinum 300-270
High Gold 269.9-258
Gold 257.9-0

Dynamic Division
(special needs)

Platinum 300-270
High Gold 269.9-258
Gold 257.9-0

**A Routine must receive a Gold ranking or higher to qualify to compete at National Competition.


· It is agreed upon entering any EnerGy National Dance Competition that participants, including students, parents, teachers, and other spectators, will not hold EnerGy or its owner, directors, employees, or host facilities liable for injuries sustained, illnesses contracted by them, or loss of property while in attendance and/or participating in any activity of an EnerGy event.

· EnerGyNDC does not assume responsibility for forgotten USBs, awards, or other items.

In Order to receive a studio plaque of group routine adjudications, a studio must have at least 5 group routines. 

· Participants agree that the time, manner, and method of judging the competition shall be solely within the discretion of the director of EnerGy National Dance Competition and that all results of a competition are final. Judges break all ties. No teacher, student, or parent will question a judge. The director has the right to change the manner and method at any time deemed necessary.

·In order to compete at our National Finals all routines must pre-qualify by competing at one of our regional events during the same tour season. Exceptions will be made for injured dancers that are cleared to dance by National Finals. In the case where an alternate(s) is needed, 75% of the original dancers in a group must compete.

·Dancers are required to compete at a consistent level throughout the regional season and for nationals. If a dancer receives an upgrade to a higher level, they will continue competing at that elevated level for the duration of both regional and national competitions. The sole exception to this rule is if there is evident misplacement by the studio, in which case a dancer may be permitted to adjust their level downwards after a regional competition but prior to nationals. Such adjustments will be made solely at the discretion of the director.

· EnerGyNDC reserves the right, when necessary, to move a competition site, postpone, cancel or expand a competition to a multiple day event.

·EnerGyNDC has a tendency to run ahead of schedule. EnergyNDC will not hold a competition due to a dancer not being present. We recommend arriving two hours prior to performance time to avoid missing a routine.

·EnerGyNDC prides itself on running an organized, on time event. To do so, routines must perform in the order of the schedule. If a routine does not perform in it’s schedule spot, it may perform out of order for adjudication only.

· EnerGyNDC reserves the right to deduct points from or disqualify any entry or participant that does not adhere to the rules and regulations.

· The director of EnerGyNDC reserves the rights to change, delete, or add to any rules, regulations, or policies at any time deemed necessary.

·Rules will be interpreted in the spirit of fairness to all participants.

Please read carefully and follow these guidelines to ensure a pleasant and fun competition for all dancers, parents, teachers, and spectators. Failure to do so will result in point deductions and possible disqualification. *Note: If you have previously viewed a copy of our Rules and Regulations, you may need to clear your browser history to be able to view the latest version.

Yours in Dance,
EnerGyNDC Staff

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