National Dance Compition
A commitment of excellence and to provide every dancer with an outstanding opportunity to display their talent will be the driving force in which EnerGy National Dance Competitions operates. We take pride in the fact that our competition runs on time and is extremely organized. We make sure that every dancer, teacher, and parent is treated with fairness and respect. From the moment you walk through the doors, you will be treated like family, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. When selecting judges, EnerGyNDC staffs current industry professionals with backgrounds ranging from Broadway, film, and TV to classical ballet companies. They are also chosen for their ability to provide helpful critiques to dancers and teachers. From the friendly EnerGyNDC staff and the professional organization that it is, we encourage dancers to pursue their dreams in a non-stressful and fun competitive setting. We promise that every dancer, teacher, and parent is important to us and will leave our competition feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment. Yours in Dance,EnerGyNDC

Why choose EnergyNDC

Reasonable start and end times

We will accept no more than 600 entries per regional event and 1000 entries per National event to ensure a smooth and comfortable competition for everyone in attendance.


3 levels gives everyone a fair chance in the overall awards

Family friendly atmosphere

We want the whole family to enjoy our events. When you come to EnerGyNDC, you can rest assured that all competitors will be held to the standards that reflect our mission and purpose which is to encourage dancers to pursue their dreams in a non-stressful and fun competitive atmosphere.

See What All the Buzz is About

My studio has been competing for over 20 years and has won several top awards at the regional and national level. We had a wonderful time at EnerGy this past weekend. We liked that the judges were current and relevant in the dance world and the fact that they talked about each special award and why they picked it rather than just announcing the winner. It was a tough competition with a lot of large “heavy hitter” studios in attendance and we felt the judging was consistent and fair. Our kids did great against many of Phoenix’s other elite studios but knew it wasn’t a given and they had to be totally on their game-it was a great experience and we will definitely be back!

-Studio Owner from Arizona

We’ve been attending EnerGy for years, and it is by far the most organized, consistent, fair, and well run competition we’ve ever been to. And we go to a LOT of competitions. This weekend was smooth, and even ahead of schedule! It’s always a breath of fresh air to attend a competition knowing your dancers, families and teachers will be treated with respect. Their judging is spot on, and the critiques are encouraging and provide actual feedback the dancers can use and learn from. We will continue to attend Energy as there really is no other competition like it!

-Studio Owner from Illinois

We attended EnerGy in Los Angeles and I would like to mention that the announcer was just wonderful. So fun and positive. I also want to point out the judges critiques. They were the most positive and realistic critiques we’ve heard. So many others focus on only the negatives, but your judges made positive comments on every dance. Of course there were comments to fix things but they were all realistic and offered feedback on HOW to improve as well. Sometimes I feel like judges just say things to talk because they feel like they have to, or sometimes they are not consistent dance from dance or even judge to judge… One will say, “great turn” and the next judge will say, “work on that.” This was not the case with your judges- I felt they were all qualified, helpful with CONSTRUCTIVE critiques, and positive. We look forward to returning!

-Studio Owner from California



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